Otolaryngology (Ear/Nose/Throat)

Mack Bayou Compounding Pharmacy collaborates with physicians to provide treatment options designed to treat infections directly where they reside. Why take an oral medication, which gets into the entire body and often causes side effects, when you can target the source of the infection with a compounded dosage form?

We compound customized Topical Sinus Therapy to treat many conditions including allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinosinusitis, and post-nasal drip.

Our pharmacists specialize in formulating select medications into dry capsules with LoxaSperse™ to be opened and emptied into an irrigation device (i.e. Neil-Med®). The sinus rinse is performed in the comfort of your own home.

  • Benefits from this procedure include:
  • Deep sinus exposure to the medication…treats infection at the source
  • Improved mucociliary clearance
  • Avoidance of gut exposure to antibiotics (which may lead to dysbiosis, infection and complication)
  • Use of antimicrobial, antifungal and biofilm-degrading ingredients
  • Copious peer-reviewed literature to support use

Compared to other therapies, this approach works faster, with minimal side effects and minimal chances of failure/recurrence. It also offers an extended shelf life, ideal for patients needing short-course treatments from time to time.

Capsules are formulated with dry powder active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and LoxaSperse™ for improved delivery in the sinus cavity. Single- or multiple-ingredient formulations can include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antifungals
  • Antihistamines
  • Corticosteroids
  • Mucolytics
  • Natural products such as xylitol, EGCg, and beta-glucan

Mack Bayou Compounding Pharmacy has the essential knowledge, skills, medications, and devices to provide the highest quality formulations and delivery options for optimal outcomes.

Examples of available devices for which we compound include:

  • Metered and non-metered nasal spray bottles
  • Nebulizers for nasal inhalation
  • Nasal irrigator tips for various Water Pik® models
  • Otic suspensions and solutions
  • Saline/Sterile water for irrigation
  • Sheehy-House powder insufflators
  • Squeeze jet powder puffs
  • Throat spray bottles
  • Troche molds for throat lozenges (ex: lidocaine)

Our compounding pharmacists are happy to suggest local Otolaryngologists who can help you find targeted, lasting relief for your specific sinus, ear, nose and throat problems.